How to Become a Wedding and Event Planner in Maine

Those who have experienced planning a wedding or any significant event will know how difficult it is to successfully organize and carry it out. These reasons are primarily why the daunting task is often handed over to the professionals: wedding and event planners. They are the ones who take charge of everything from looking for suppliers to arranging the flow of the program. The main goal is for the attendees and hosts to enjoy their big day without managing every minute detail.

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Being a wedding and event planner is tiring and time-consuming, but it is a fulfilling and rewarding career. If you are a person who enjoys bringing several components together, this career path might be perfect for you.

Requirements and Certifications for Becoming an Event Planner in Maine

There are currently no specific educational requirements to become an event planner in the state of Maine. a diploma or degree in one or more of these fields, however, would be a big help in your journey to becoming an event planner:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Event Management
  • Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources

Although event planner certifications are not required to practice in this profession, becoming certified will undoubtedly help you learn more about the field and set you apart from others. Here are a few event planning certifications and a brief description of each to get you started:

  • Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) is a certification administered by the Events Industry Council (EIC). It is a globally recognized certification that shows you have the relevant knowledge and experience to successfully conduct meetings that are up to par with their high-quality standards.
  • Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) is administered by the International Live Events Association (ILEA). It is awarded to professionals who have the necessary skills and abilities to design and bring together special events.
  • Certificate in Meeting Management (CMM) is administered by the Meeting Professionals International (MPI). It was designed to reinforce essential leadership and meeting management skills for professionals to hone their careers further.

Where to Get Relevant Education in Maine

There are multiple colleges and universities in Maine offering some of the courses listed above in various degree levels. Here are some of the most popular educational institutes:

Aside from these degrees, there are also numerous online courses you can take to learn how to be a planner. Online schools like The QC Event School or the Quincy College Event Planning Program specialize in teaching courses directly related to planning special events like weddings.

Another way to earn valuable knowledge and first-hand experience in this field is by applying for an internship in a well-established wedding or event planning company in your area.

Salary and Career Growth

An event planner in Maine earns an average of $49,260 annually, with higher-earning planners making up to $73,200. Pay in this state is a little lower compared to the national average of $51,560 per year.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are currently only about 400 event planners in the state of Maine, which can be subject to change as the average growth rate for convention and event planners is at a high national average of 8 percent.

Working as a Wedding and Event Planner in Maine

There are a couple of paths you can take as a wedding and event planner. You can work for another company or establish your own business providing event planning services to clients. Because there are not many professional event planners in Maine, they are currently in very high demand.

Several companies are now looking to hire competent event planners, especially in Portland, Brunswick and Newry. If you enjoy a good challenge and like to plan, organize, and help people execute their vision, wedding and event planning is the perfect career for you.

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