How to Become a Wedding and Event Planner in Rhode Island

If you love bringing people’s ideas to life, using your organizational skills in creative ways, and keeping lots of plates spinning at once, a career in event planning could be for you. Thousands of events take place every day across the US-and there is an event planner behind every one of them! Whether you want to make dream weddings happen, bring life to corporate events, or throw legendary parties, there are plenty of opportunities out there.

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Requirements and Useful Skills

There are no qualifications legally required to work as an event planner in Rhode Island. Still, several skills are essential. You’ll need strong interpersonal and organizational skills, creative flair, and an excellent eye for detail. a degree or prior work experience in hospitality, business, or communications will be helpful but unnecessary.

Although event planning is fun and rewarding, it’s also hard work and highly pressurized. Your clients are relying on you to make their perfect event happen. Whether it’s a wedding, concert, or corporate meeting, there is a lot involved in running an event, and as the event planner, it’s down to you to make sure things go to plan. You’ll need to be willing to work long hours, late nights and take ultimate responsibly when things go wrong.

Education and Training Opportunities

If you’d like to pursue a degree in Rhode Island to help get your career in event planning underway, lists the following courses as the best in the state:

Johnson & Wales University also offers an online BSc degree course in sports, entertainment, and event management. There are also plenty of shorter online courses with certificates to help you develop and showcase your skills, such as:

If you have several years of experience working in a managerial position in hospitality, events, or public relations, a professional certification could be what you need to launch your career in event planning. There are several certifications available, including:

Salary Expectations and Career Outlook in Rhode Island

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Rhode Island has the fourth best-paid Meeting, Convention and Event planners in the country with an annual mean salary of $67,010, well above the national average of $ 55,890. The cost of living in the state tends to be above the national average, from 5.1% above in Coventry, 5.3% above in Providence, to 13.5% above in Westerly.

The smallest state in the US by area, Rhode Island often gets lumped in with its neighbor New York. However, it has a thriving multicultural identity of its own, including plenty of events, beautiful beaches, and the famous fresh lobster! As a densely populated area, there is plenty of work for event planners. The area can be expected to follow the upward trend for this industry, projected to 8 percent between 2019 and 2029.

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