How to Become a Wedding and Event Planner in the State of Washington

Event and wedding planning sounds like a dream job. and it can be! Organizing memorable events and beautiful weddings is hugely rewarding and enjoyable. However, there’s much more to the job than throwing lavish parties, and a successful career in event planning requires specific skills. So, whether you’re interested in planning weddings, music events or corporate meetings, get ready for a challenge!

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Requirements and Useful Skills

You don’t need any particular qualifications to become an event planner in Washington. Still, that doesn’t mean you can jump right in! a relevant degree or work experience in hospitality, business management, or communications will be an advantage, as will previous experience running or working on large events.

Although event planning is a lot of fun, it’s also hard work and can be pretty stressful. You’ll need to be focused, well-organized, confident with people, and in possession of excellent communication skills. Because clients are often very emotionally involved in their events, they can be demanding and the pressure can be high. Long hours and late nights are a given!

Education and Training Opportunities

There are plenty of fantastic education opportunities in Washington. a bachelor’s degree is one option; subjects in business administration, hospitality management or public relations are most relevant to a career in event planning. The following colleges are listed on as offering the best courses in the state:

If you’d rather take a shorter course, Highline College in Des Moines, WA, offers the Event Management Certificate. This is an in-person class that can be studied part or full time and takes three months to a year to complete.

To get a taste of the skills involved in event planning, you could try the One-day Event Planning course from Mangates Seattle.

There are also lots of online courses available to help you get up and running as an event planner, including:

If you have several years of managerial experience or a degree in a relevant area, a great option is to take a professional certification. These are not open to everyone and are designed to showcase your skills in a standardized way. Many are internationally recognized and may help to take your career to the next level:

Salary Expectations and Career Outlook in Washington State

Washington has a strong economy, which in recent years has often been the fastest-growing in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Meeting, Convention and Event planners in Washington earn an annual mean salary of $65,460, well above the national average of $55,890. Employment rates are high, and there are many jobs available in the event planning industry.

The cost of living varies quite a bit in the state, from 9.5% below the national average in Spokane to 35.7% above in Seattle and Renton. a career in event planning in Washington is likely to be competitive and fast-paced, particularly in big cities – expect to learn a lot quickly!

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