How to Become a Wedding and Event Planner in Idaho

Organizing an event involves much work, no matter how small it is. You must keep up with all delegated tasks and ensure everything is on track.Most importantly, you must actualize a client’s vision within a limited budget and ensure everything goes according to plan.

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However, it can quickly become overwhelming when a worker or supplier cancels before an event. in such situations, you must improvise and get things done regardless of what is going on. That may require you to do the task yourself or pay extra fees, anything to keep your clients happy!

Although event planning comes with its fair share of stress and frustration, you can also enjoy the many benefits. Here are some perks you get to enjoy:

  • Setting your hours
  • Meeting with different people
  • Traveling and exploring
  • Experimenting your creativity
  • Privileged access to events

Requirement for Working as an Event Planner in Idaho

Idaho has no requirement for event/wedding planners. However, it is vital to acquire formal education and skills to groom you into a professional event planner. You may have to get trained in courses such as business and marketing, hospitality management, events management and internships. Acquiring formal education will improve your understanding of events management and give you the skills you need.You will also need to develop some interpersonal skills to succeed in your career. You’ll need skills like:

  • communication,
  • organization,
  • marketing and
  • leadership skills

Training Opportunities in Idaho for Event and Wedding Planners

Universities and colleges in Idaho offer courses in business management, catering, hospitality and tourism to train students interested in event planning. If you decide to get formally trained in event management, here are a few colleges and universities you can attend:

Relevant Professional Certification to Become a Wedding or Event Planner in Idaho

For credibility and marketability, professional certifications are essential. It will help put your clients at ease and increase their trust that you can deliver. Below are a few professional certifications worth acquiring:

  1. Certified Meeting Professional (CMP): The Event Industry Council offers this certification to recognize excellence. Before you’re certified, you must have at least three years of experience and pass the rigorous exam.
  2. Certified Meeting Planner: to acquire this certification, you must have worked in the industry for at least three years and pass the exam before you’re certified. The Event Industry Council also awards the Certificate Meeting Planner.
  3. Certificate in Meeting Management: This certification is offered by the Meeting Professional International (MPI) to event planners worldwide. They also provide a platform for event planners to connect.

Salaries and Career Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 410 event planners are currently operating in Idaho. Therefore, you should be looking to earn about $20.42 per hour and $42,470 per year.

Top earners in Idaho earn about $66,340 in a year. It may take you a while to make that much as a new event planner. As a beginner, you can start with about $21,620 in a year.

Opportunities and Career Outlook

Idaho is known as the “gem state” because of its gemstones production and beautiful scenery. The robust economy guarantees a continuous involvement with outdoor activities- a perfect opportunity for you!

You’re sure you’ll remain in business. Explore areas like Boise, Moscow, Idaho Falls and Sun Valley for the best event planning opportunities.

There are several ways to earn from event planning in Idaho. You can decide to start your event/wedding planning agency or outsource your skills to an established company. You can also become an independent contractor or work for the government.

Regardless of where you work, you can get to the peak of your career with hard work and determination in no time.

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