How to Become An Event/Wedding Planner in Utah

Event and wedding planners in Utah handle all the technicalities of hosting an event. At its core, the job entails understanding what a client wants for their event, working within a budget, and making their dreams a reality.

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To excel in wedding and event planning, you must multi-task and delegate to get things done.Sometimes, that means working long hours to complete the task you have at hand or dealing with emergencies as they come.

You may also need to make last-minute decisions, meet people and handle tasks like:

  • Finding and booking venues based on the theme and budget the client wants
  • Meeting and coordinating with vendors and suppliers
  • Managing logistics
  • Summarizing accounts after the event

Requirements for Working as an Event Planner in Utah

Utah has no clear-cut requirements for working as an event or wedding planner. However, it is essential to acquire skills that will help you become successful in this career path.

Combining interpersonal skills with formal education will set you up for a bright future in the industry. Courses that will prove beneficial for you to work as an event planner include:

  • Catering
  • Business management
  • Risk management
  • Special event
  • Marketing

Training Opportunities in Utah for Wedding and Event Planners

Event/wedding planning is a booming business in Utah, so universities have courses designed to develop students interested in the field. Here are a few options for you if you decide to get formal training:

  • Southern Utah University, Cedar: The university offers a degree in hotel, resort and hospitality management. The program is either Bachelor of Art, which requires a foreign language, or a Bachelor of Science.
  • University of Utah, Salt Lake City: Students in this university earn a bachelor’s degree in recreation and tourism, with a certificate in hospitality operations offered through the American Hotel and Lodging Association.
  • Utah Valley University, Orem: This university offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in hospitality management through combined online and on-campus studies.
  • Utah State University, Logan: Although the university does not offer a degree program in hospitality management or event planning, they allow students to minor in event planning.

Relevant Professional Certification to Become a Wedding and Event Planner in Utah

Professional certifications will increase your chances of getting a job or owning an event planning business. If you choose to combine formal education with professional credentials, here are a few options for you:

  • Certified Meeting Professional (CMP): The Event Industry Council offers this certification to recognize excellence for event planners. Before you’re certified, you must have at least three years of experience and pass the rigorous exam.
  • Certified Meeting Planner: to acquire this certification, you must have worked in the industry for at least three years and pass the exam before you’re certified. The Event Industry Council also awards the Certificate Meeting Planner.
  • Certificate in Meeting Management: This certification is offered by the Meeting Professional International (MPI).

Salaries and Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 1,350 event planners currently work in Utah. and event planners make an average of $22.31 per hour and $46,410 per year.

Top event planners earn as high as $71,450 annually, but as a new event planner, you can look to make around $25050.

Opportunities in Utah

Event planning is a lucrative business in Utah. Due to its scenic and beautiful views, there are year-round outdoor activities to entertain natives and tourists.The more creative you are (and the more flexible your client is) the better advantage you have over your competitors. Those advantages translate to better event opportunities and more clients.

You can look at affiliating with top event planning organizations like hotels, resorts and restaurants in big cities like Layton, Park City and Provo.

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