Becoming a Wedding and Event Planner in Wyoming

Wedding/event planning in Wyoming is about creativity, organization, and resourcefulness. As someone in this industry, you get the chance to showcase your resourcefulness to help satisfy your clients’ needs.

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Considering the effort, time and skills needed for this role, not everybody can be a wedding and event planner. Your job is to identify opportunities, work within a budget, refine your client’s ideas and turn them into reality. Of course, that will require brainstorming, organizing and implementing concepts/themes for events. However, the result of your work paves the path for better opportunities. It allows you to make vital connections that grow your business and enhance your career.

Requirements for Working as an Event Planner in Wyoming

Wyoming does not have specific qualifications for wedding and event planners. Some event planners choose to venture into corporate event planning such as meetings, social events, and conferences. in contrast, others mainly focus on wedding planning. Regardless of your choice (wedding or event planner), you will have to acquire some event management skills.

Getting a degree or a professional certification in business management, hospitality, and Tourism will broaden your insight and help you acquire these skills.

Training Opportunities in Wyoming for Wedding and Event Planners

Institutions in Wyoming offer courses such as Hospitality and Tourism Management, Applied Management Program, Management and Marketing. These courses are designed to turn you into a skilled event planner.

If you are interested in getting formal training, here are a few schools to consider:

  • Casper College, Casper, offers courses in Hospitality and Tourism Management. They also provide an online degree program in tourism and hospitality.
  • Sheridan College, Sheridan, also offers a 2year hospitality and management AAS program, which builds on skills developed in the certificate program.
  • Central Wyoming College in Riverton offers a Hotel and Restaurant Management program that involves a 4month internship training.
  • University of Wyoming, Laramie, offers a degree in management and marketing.
  • Laramie County College, Laramie, offers a Bachelor of Science in Applied Management for students who have completed an Associate Degree.

Relevant Professional Qualifications to Become a Wedding and Event Planner in Wyoming

Professional certification helps you identify as a professional event planner. Coupled with a college education and you’re on your way to becoming a hot-shot event planner in no time.

If you’re unsure of which certification to get, consider getting any of the ones below for a start. You can get up to two or three if you can.

Salaries and Career Outlook

There are about 90 event planners in Wyoming. You can make up to $23.50 per hour and $48,880 per year. Event planners, on top of their game, earn as high as $70,670 annually.

However, it might take you some years to get to that level. As a new event planner, you’d probably start at around $29,429.

Opportunities in Wyoming

Many event planners have carved a niche for themselves in the hospitality industry of Wyoming. a great way to get some experience is to work with big companies such as hotels, restaurants and institutions.

You may decide to venture into the diverse aspects of event planning or create a unique sector for yourself. Either way, cities like Cheyenne, Laramie, Casper and Gillette offer great opportunities for new event planners to explore.

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